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Engine Overhauls & Cam Belts

Piston with inlet valves embedded.
Piston with Inlet valve embedded as a result of a broken cambelt

All types of repairs including Cylinder head repairs and cam belt repairs are carried out by our experienced technicians in our modern well fitted workshop.

Several of the technicians have a large number of years' experience doing cam belts, head gasket and diesel rebuilds.

When should you replace your cambelt?

Cambelt system display.

You should replace your cambelt when:

  • Your vehicle, car, truck or van has a cambelt
  • Has travelled more than 80,000 kilometres. (Some vehicle and cambelt manufacturers recommend 60,000 kilometres)

If this is the case, your engine may need urgent maintenance!

Replace your cam belt now and prevent major engine damage.

Why cambelts require changing.

Another Cambelt system display.

The belts deteriorate with age and use. The teeth and belt can break. If the cambelt loses tension or suffers damage the timing of the engine can change and cause major damage to the internal parts of the engine. This can happen without warning and a long way from help or home.

Each vehicle manufacturer recommends when that belt should be replaced. We recommend that you check your vehicles handbook for their recommendation or contact us.

Orewa Car Services provides a FREE INSPECTION for a sticker or tell-tale signs indicating that the cam belts have been replaced.

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