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Motor Vehicle Service

Essential Service.

Starting from
incl GST

Entry level car program including standard oil change, filter change, brakes, steering, suspension, transmission and Engine.

Essential safety items are checked with a verbal report

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4WD & Diesel Service

Starting from
incl GST

A comprehensive service covering all requirements for a 4WD vehicle.

This service covers all safety checks, adjustments, including a full brake inspection, oil and filter changes.

Comes with a verbal report.

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Optional Services

Warrant of Fitness

incl GST
When is your WOF due to expire?

When you find a mechanic, you trust it is important to stick with them, especially when it comes to safety.

Our WOF inspectors are all experienced and take you and your family's safety seriously

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Auto Transmission Flush

Starting from
incl GST
Up to 10 litres

It is important to service your transmission every 50,000km because your transmission will last longer if it is flushed and new fluid added.

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Radiator Flush

Starting from
incl GST

Radiator flushes should be carried out at least once every two years or every 30,000 km as preventative maintenance.

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Aircon Regassing

Starting from
incl GST
Plus Gas $110-190.

Air Conditioning systems should be serviced once a year.

If there is a leak in an air con system moisture can gain access and react with the oil to form acids.

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Aircon Disinfecting

Starting from
incl GST

Bacteria and fungi cause unpleasant smells in the ventilation channels of the air-conditioning system and on the vehicle interior.

Our disinfection procedure and product kills moulds and bacteria quickly and reliably, preventing the development of unpleasant odours and allergic reactions in vehicle interiors.

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When it comes to your vehicle's safety, brakes top the list of systems that need regular checking.

If brake service is neglected, you're gambling with your safety, and that of your passengers and other drivers.

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Your suspension system does more than make your ride smoother! In fact, it’s a key component of your driving safety, and without it your tyres and brakes won’t work as well.

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We stock a regular selection of tyres but are able to order in any tyre you may need. Performance, Off-Roading, Touring, Budget.

Our services include Wheel Alignment and Wheel Balancing.

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All our batteries are the next generation of Century batteries. They are all maintenance free and have calcium-based cells. There is a signal eye located at the top of the batteries that lights green to let you know the batteries in good condition, black It needs charging, and white it needs replacing.

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Diagnostics for the Modern Car

Orewa Car Services have the equipment (scope and scanner) to diagnose electronic equipment faults in your car.

We are members of the YES! automotive diagnostic network.

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Electrical Services

Orewa Car Services skilled technicians use an array of computerized machines to diagnose and plot solutions for current generation vehicles.

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Engine Overhauls & Cam Belts

All types of repairs including Cylinder head repairs and cam belt repairs are carried out by our experienced technicians in our modern well fitted workshop.

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Wash Down Bay

Starting from
incl GST

Orewa Car Services have installed a purpose-built wash bay with separators and sand filters. It's ideal for washing down engines, diesel trucks and 4x4s that have been off-roading.

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Hybrid Qualified

Hybrid cars are now becoming commonplace as New Zealanders look for cleaner, greener transportation. Orewa Car Services is qualified to diagnose and repair hybrid high voltage systems.

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Fleet Servicing
Becoming a VIP client will allow you to get first response service. Your work will be prioritised! We understand time off the road means money.

Yes, we have a fleet of courtesy cars available, but being a busy workshop it’s best to book in advance to ensure you get one.

We stock over 21 different oils to ensure we can cover all the vehicle types in New Zealand. We only use the exact oil required by the manufacturer as all oils are not equal. For example, some may have the same weight but have a special additive to prevent the hardening on the lifters from wearing, or a special fuel additive. Failure to use the correct oil can result in damage to the engine.

Our yearly annual service package is a fully comprehensive vehicle check with oil and filter. All fluids and components are checked. The resulting report will leave nothing untested or unchecked and you will see exactly what your vehicle needs done in terms of maintenance. From transmission fluid colour condition to how much water is in your brake fluid.

Because of how busy we are we have three booking slots so we can manage and juggle the daily schedule. 8:30am to 1pm, 1pm to 5pm and 8:30 to 5pm.

We can complete your WOF in 1 hour while you wait or walk around Orewa.

Yes, while we do our best to accommodate urgent repairs, we do appreciate appointments from WOF rechecks to servicing to have a booking.

Yes, we are.

Orewa car services has been working on Hyundai and Kia for 10 years. During that time, we have had training by Hyundai and KIA. We had been Hyundai authorized repairers for 7 years and are currently KIA authorized repairers. We stock a full range of genuine Hyundai and KIA parts.

Once the service or WOF is completed, the office staff will contact you to discuss the findings with an estimate and ask if you would like to proceed with the recommendations.

The check engine light is an important warning feature that activates when the vehicles onboard diagnostic system detects a potential problem with your car. Diagnostics is one of our specialties, most faults we can have diagnosed with an hour.