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Fleet Servicing

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Fleet Servicing

Becoming a VIP client will allow you to get first response service. Your work will be prioritised! We understand time off the road means money.

Because of our extensive range of equipment, knowledge and contacts we are capable of offering electronic diagnostics and repair solutions to all your vehicle needs.


  • Full servicing range.
  • WOF’s.
  • Transmission flushing and repairs.
  • Cooling system flushing and repairs.
  • Air conditioning servicing and recharging.
  • Brake replacement and disk lathing.
  • Suspension Repairs.
  • Fault diagnostics.
  • Tyres.
  • Batteries.
  • Electrical Services.
  • Engine Overhauls.
  • Brake down and towing service.
  • Rentals cars.
  • Liaise with other repairers, if required (e.g. Panelbeaters, Car Painters).


  • Priority break down service.
  • Discounted labour.
  • Discounted parts.
  • Discounted WOF's.
  • Courtesy Utes, Vans and Cars.
  • Free pick and drop off services within the hibiscus coast area.
  • Hassle free 20th of the month accounts.
  • Rental cars.
  • Staff personal vehicles will be eligible for a 20% discount on labour.

Why Orewa Car Services?

  • Family Business

    Orewa Car Services is a premium car repair business and has been family owned since 1977. Being a family business means you get a personalised service, and an understanding of your particular situation.

  • Premium Company.

    Orewa Car Services is an M.T.A member. Only premium workshops that meet a high calibre of staff and equipment are invited to join.

  • Premium Training and Staff.

    It is important to stay on top of industry technology changes. Those workshops that do not, will find themselves left behind. Our staff attend specialised courses on a regular basis.

  • Premium Equipment.

    As a premium workshop we stock all the electronic equipment to meet modern vehicle needs. Scanners for codes, scopes for electronic diagnostics, aircon and auto transmission flush machines.

  • Premium Suppliers

    To be the best we must fit the best, our parts are guaranteed by our suppliers.

  • Vehicle Lease Companies

    • Custom Fleet.
    • Auto Sure.
    • Fleet Partners

Fleet Application Form

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